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ECE Wellness

This site is not sanctioned and/or approved by the university. It is a student initiative.

Hi there. I’m Aiden.

I’m the University of Waterloo’s ECE2026 wellness representative for the Spring 2024 term.


You’ll find this on my website as well. Just as a refresher.

I am utterly opposed to transphobia, homophobia, racism, classism, and other forms of discrimination or hate.

What concerns do we handle?

ECE Wellness is set up to handle the following kinds of issues:

Want to know when my next scheduled meeting is?

You can view the calendar as a webpage.

Tech savvy users can directly import the iCal/.ics link to their calendar to subscribe.

Want to send me a note / comment / concern?

You can fill out this Microsoft survey. It is as anonymous as I can make it.

The wellness survey QR code.

Need to vent?

Download and print off our complaint sheet. You can also fill it out with the iPad.

Who is the wellness coordinator?

Kora Sevo. She’s awesome.

A portrait of Kora Sevo.

Want to set up a visit with the wellness coordinator?

You can email Kora at

Her office is in E7 4322. If you would like to call, 519-888-4567 x42107. (Call the number first, then put in the extension.)

Alternatively, you can set up a direct meeting with this link.

Will I be forced to disclose anything to professors / family / administation?


Any notes taken during sessions are encrypted with the pass key only accessible to Kora. There is no requirement for Kora to disclose that you have had any appointments with her in the past. Administration cannot enquire, unless they have received your permission.